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Visa Refusals And Cancellations Appeals

Australian Visa Refusals and Cancellations can be caused by any subsequent reason including breach of visa conditions. For employer sponsored visa holders, living in Australia, it could be job termination, or the end of a relationship in case of partner visa, and much more.  Each visa application is evaluated thoroughly by the Department of Home Affairs, therefore, if one wishes to avoid a cancellation or refusal, they must provide accurate and most correct information. Your visa can be canceled on the grounds of false and misleading information by the immigration authority, in case any false or incorrect information has been provided by the applicant.

How to deal with Visa refusals and cancellations?

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

If your visa has been cancelled or application refused, individuals can get their case reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. AAT reviews the decisions of the Commonwealth laws which are ministered by the Australian Government, made by the departments, and, in limited conditions, the decisions made by the state government and non-government bodies. However, AAT appeals require a specific time limit, and if a regulation, an Act, or other legislative instruments state that it can be reviewed by them, only then can AAT review a certain decision.

You can appeal if your case relates to child support, student and social security assistance, family assistance, compensation of Commonwealth worker, paid parental leave, refugee and migration visas, or other visa related decisions.

Invitation to Comment

The applicant can be invited to comment in immigration Australia in case their application has been denied. The applicant needs to be aware of what he is permitted to take to Australia, and he/she must know about duty-free concession limitations and the rules to follow while at the Australian seaports and airports. Visa refusal or cancellation usually results because of another person providing the department data and information.

Ministerial Intervention

Although it is not lawfully guaranteed for a Minister to intervene or consider the intervention, the Migration Act 1958 gives a Minister the control to intervene in an individual’s case if the Minister believes it is of the advisable of the public to do so. If an individual has received a decision by review tribunal and their protection visa has been denied, refused, or cancelled, they can request a ministerial intervention within the given time limit.

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