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Parent Visa

The Parent Visa is intended for parents who wish to live with their children in Australia. The visa allows parents, their spouse, and other dependent family members to migrate to Australia only if their child, stepchild, or adopted child lives in Australia with the status of Australian citizenship, permanent residence, or eligible New Zealand citizenship.

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804

Parent Visa Subclass 804 is intended for parents who have a child living in Australia and wish to join them there permanently. The processing time for this visa is about 30 years, hence parents can reside in the country on a bridging visa while their 804-visa application is under process. One has to be onshore if they wish to apply for this visa.

Parent Visa Subclass 103

The Parent Visa Subclass 103 can be applied by parents who wish to migrate to Australia permanently. The visa requires about 30 years to process, and it can only be applied for if the application is offshore.

Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 – Temporary

Individuals who are currently living in their home country and wish to join your child in Australia can apply for Subclass 173 Visa. The visa requires only 3 to 4 years to process which is a considerably shorter period compared to the other categories of the parent visa. The applicant must be offshore in order to apply for this visa.

Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143 – Permanent

Individuals who have stayed in Australia as Subclass 173 visa holders can apply for Parent Visa Subclass 143 which is a permanent resident visa. It is obligatory for the visa applicant to have a child living in Australia either as a citizen, permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 884 – Temporary

This visa can be obtained by parents who are old enough to get an age pension in Australia. If one wishes to apply for this visa, they must meet the balance of family test. The visa holder is permitted to stay in the country for up to two years once the visa has been approved.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864 – Permanent

Once you have lived in Australia on Subclass 884 visa, you can apply for the Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864. If the individual meets the age criteria, they are allowed to get an age pension in Australia.

Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 114 – Offshore

Elderly people who depend on their lone relatives in Australia for financial support can apply for the Visa Subclass 114. However, to apply for this permanent parent visa, one has to single and be offshore while lodging this visa application.

Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 838 – Onshore

Visa Subclass 838 is replica of 114 visa, except one has to be onshore to lodge an application for this visa.

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