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Business Visa

This visa category is for individuals who aspire to commence or manage an existing business in Australia but are not current permanent residents of Australia. This visa entitles you to live and work in Australia indefinitely, if eligible.

For the business aspirants, there are numerous opportunities available under Business Visa Australia such as Business Owner, Business Talent, and State/Territory Sponsored Visa. Furthermore, these visas have different streams. Any applicant who intends to apply for any of the Business Visa streams must fulfill all the basic requirements to get the visa grant.

The holders of the Business Visa Australia are allowed to move in and out of Australia any number of times and can even sponsor their eligible family members for permanent resident status of Australia.

Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

Business Owner Visa Subclass 890 is available only for the individuals who have stayed in Australia on the visa Subclass 160-165 for minimum 12 months in the past 2 years. This is a permanent residence visa and lets you to run an existing business in Australia.

If you have been granted this visa, you can move in and out of Australia any number of times for a period of 5 years. The applicants of 890 Business Visa are required to present the proof of experience of running business to get the visa confirmation.

State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Subclass 892

Business Owner Visa Subclass 892 is a permanent resident visa for the candidates who have managed to obtain the sponsorship from a state or territory government agency to run an existing business in Australia. With this visa one can live in Australia for a period of five years.

The applicant must meet the provisional visa conditions along with the other business, health and character requirements if they wish to apply for Business Visa 892.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa Subclass 132

If you are planning to start a new or expand the existing business in Australia than you can apply for Business Visa Subclass 132. It is a permanent resident visa for the applicants who can present the proof of minimum net worth, assets and annual turnover or capital funding.

To get the 132 Business Visa grant the applicants must be nominated by the State or territory government and fulfill all the other basic requirements of the visa category.

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