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Temporary Work Visa

Both international students, as well as job aspirants, prefer Australia over other countries mainly because of the organized migration procedure, and the country’s diversified culture and secure environment. The Temporary Work Visa is one of the most well-known categories of the Australian visa. Annually, thousands of individuals apply for the short-stay visa 400 through which they can study in Australia and undergo work-based training.

Employers from Australia who have been approved are permitted to sponsor the candidates to apply for a temporary work visa. The employers must themselves apply the candidate. The Temporary Skill Shortage visa has been designed to cope with the labor shortage in the country. Applicants for this visa must meet certain eligibility criteria to obtain the visa.

Temporary Work (Short Stay) Visa (Subclass 400)

Skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced people from overseas can reside in Australia on a short-term basis, working on work-related that aligns with their area of expertise. The visa helps combat the local labor shortage when the locally available labor is unable to cater to the needs of Australian businesses. Employees who have been invited by Australian businesses to partake in short-term or non-ongoing work can apply for this visa.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa subclass 482

Applicants who wish to stay in Australia and work full time for the nominated occupation can apply for the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482. When Australian employers fail to employ skilled Australian workers, they can recruit overseas workers to Australia which in general helps them combat the labor shortage. The visa is further divided into three streams: from–Short-term stream, medium-term stream, and labor agreement stream.

Applicants must meet the criteria for qualifications and skills necessary for the nominated position, permitting them to include their family members in their visa applications.

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