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Bridging Visa

While your substantive visa application is under process, you can temporarily obtain a migration living status in Australia through a Bridging Visa. Hence, while your immigration status is being resolved, you can stay in Australia lawfully. The visa can also be applied to individuals who are making the necessary arrangements to leave for their home country because either their substantive visa has already expired or is about to expire. A bridging visa, except for a BVB (Bridging visa B) does not permit individuals to re-enter the country once they have left. This visa can be applied for, depending on one’s circumstances, requirements, or reason for the stay.

Bridging Visa, A (subclass 010)

With a Bridging Visa A, an individual is allowed to continue residing in Australia until a decision is made by the Department of Home Affairs about their substantive visa application. You can obtain this visa after applying for a new visa, be onshore with current valid visa status.

Bridging Visa B (subclass 020)

If you are residing in Australia with a Bridging Visa A and wish to travel outside the country due to a valid cause, you are permitted to apply for a Bridging Visa B. It comes with an attached travel facility but the individual needs to be onshore to apply.

Bridging Visa C (subclass 030)

Available for onshore applicants only, this visa can be obtained if one is living in Australia unlawfully and intends to become a lawful resident. However, this visa restricts holders from applying for BVB for travel facilities.

Bridging Visa D (subclass 040 & 041)

If you failed to obtain a valid substantive visa due to errors in your application, a Bridging Visa D can be applied for, allowing the individual to stay in Australia for up to 5 days. After you have obtained this visa, one can reapply for a new visa during the BVD period, with complete and accurate details and fees.

Bridging Visa E (subclass 050 & 051)

Individuals who are either waiting for a new visa grant or planning to leave Australia can apply for this visa to obtain a lawful living status. Regardless of the stream, a bridging visa can only be obtained if certain requirements including age, health, relation, etc. have been fulfilled by the applicant.

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